10 Big Brands Spooky Halloween Advertising



It’s Halloween! Peeled grape eye balls and spaghetti zombie brains at the ready! Or a quick run to the corner shop to grab a bag of sweets for trick or treaters. Either way here are 10 of the best Halloween adverts by major companies getting into the spooky spirit with some creepy marketing!


1) Oreo

Oreo paid tribute to a classic horror film, with a slight change of name, The Exortwist. Oreo also did The Spilling and Milkenstein.


2) Snickers


This Snickers ad in America – It’s what you would want.


3) The Tide

The Tide went in a similar direction to Oreo, with a famous scene from The Shining – #ScaredStainless


4) Pepsi Vs. Coca Cola


This ad wasn’t created by Pepsi and Coca Cola but went viral. So being marketing geniuses, Pepsi and Coca Cola took full advantage and got in on the joke, generating lots of interest and attention.

coke-pepsi-halloween (1)

5) Pizza Hut


Who would have thought cheese could be so ghostly.


6) McDonalds




7) Heineken


Perfect for Halloween parties, even Frankenstein needs a break!


8) Guiness



9) Mini

There’s no place safer than a Mini..


10) Chupa Chups

For your own little monsters.

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