10 Weird and Whacky Business Cards, But Do They Work?

It’s always good to get a business noticed, to stand out from the crowd. From company names, work logo’s and even business cards but sometimes trying to stand out isn’t always for the best, with these 10 very interestingly unique business cards.


1) ‘The 2 man job’ business card

Untitled design (2)

It’s always clever linking business cards with what the company is about, it reinforces the service offered. However when it needs two hands to extract the information, better get another person handy to write down the details. If it takes more than one person to get information from a business card it should probably be avoided.



2) The ‘grow your own’ business card


A nice link between card and business.. For a bit anyway. No one wants to be carrying cress around in their bag, file or on a desk, and where will this card go once the cress dies? Straight in the bin. A nice idea but just not practical.


3) ‘The knot’ business card


You should never have to make a potential client work for your details, how does that look? You want possible customers to be able to get your details and reach you easily. Getting customers to interact with a product is a good technique but not when it’s just to get the details to know what the company is about. Plus undoing tight knots isn’t the most de-stressing thing.. Business cards are usually the customers first contact with your company and first impressions matter.


4) ‘The cheese grater’ business card


A unique idea, however there is no link for the company and if your business is not at home, the use for a cheese grater business card is minimal. What if it’s kept in a file with other business cards and documents and you reach in to grab it.. Ouch. Any business card that can cause potential pain? Definitely a no go. Your business card should accurately reflect your company and with no description on the card how will potential clients know what you do?


5) ‘The condiment’ business cards


This is a quirky and unique idea but won’t last long. Paper tears very easy, if it’s used for the ingredients the business card is lost, if it tears in a file or bag, the business card is lost. Another example of a card that doesn’t reflect the business, this is actually an advertising company, where’s the connection? That they all end up in the bin.


6) ‘Grill me’ business card

Untitled design (1)

Another business card that is effort to get contact details. For a customer visiting the restaurant this would be quite fun and impressive to interact with, but when trying to work with other business’s it’s just not practical. Time consuming cards aren’t appreciated on a busy work schedule. Also a potential to burn your a possible customer isn’t the best idea.


7) ‘Build it yourself’ business card


Not everyone will have patience putting this tricky thing together. Many reviews said the card snapped. That’s your business card lost straight away and with annoyance. Because of the way this card is meant to be used the font had to be small making it not easy to read. This is a very complicated business card.


8) Edible business cards


This is a clever idea but unless your dog can resist a treat (as well as the owner) these biscuit business cards aren’t going to be around long, and even if you manage to resist sweet temptation, they will eventually go bad and have to be binned or will be crushed in the bottom of your office draw or bag. Clever idea but just not practical,



however this guy might disagree.   dog_suit



9) Blow it up business card


A bit of irony. If you struggle to blow up the balloon due to asthma you would need the details of this Dr specialising in asthma, however you can only get the details if you can blow up the balloon.. A slight flaw?



10) ‘Cut it up’ business card


Having to go fetch a pair of scissors to cut up a business card isn’t that practical, clever for interaction but for the people that simply don’t have time they aren’t going to bother, so it’s a waste of a card with only a tiny bit of writing giving the details, and now an irrelevant picture.



It’s great to be creative and get a step up on the competition but you mustn’t forget the sole purpose of a business card, to give potential customers your details and an idea of what your company is about in a functional way. Being too different can have the opposite effect and make your business not accessible.

This doesn’t mean your business card has to be boring, you should always try and stand out from the crowd, but there are ways to do this in a more practical way. Who wants to spend money on a business card that will end up straight in the bin?

This being said these cards are very imaginative, clever and original, even if they can be difficult to get details out of. They are a talking point which in turn creates interest in a business. Just remember to also be practical to get the most out of your business card.