3 Reasons Why You Should Be Promoting Through Print Advertising

3 Reasons Why You Need To Promote

Online advertising has exploded on to the business scene over the last few years. Social media sites can spread your message quickly, promote new products and get your business brand out there. But you are limiting your business and missing out on LOTS of sales just using the online world! Online promotion and print advertising compliment each other so well, making sure your company is the most recognised in your industry! Making your company the first name people think of when needing your services or products.

Travelling Print & Unlimited Exposure

Print advertising, like brochures, magazines, flyers, leaflets, allow constant exposure, it can accompany you to the doctors, lunch break, bedroom, bathroom, wherever you go! Unlike television, laptop or radio, advertising time is scheduled. There is potential exposure to print ads at virtually any time. A brochure, leaflet, flyer, magazine left on a coffee table, a waiting room, can be viewed repeatedly! The reader also has the opportunity to study the ad at their own leisure and isn’t limited to 30 or 60 seconds. Also the classic business card! There is a reason business cards have been around a long time and still going strong, when the phone battery has died and you bump into a great potential client the business card is a classic, effective marketing tool.

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Target Marketing

Certain print allows a very high level of targeting your market. Magazines are usually highlighting a certain industry, so can be developed to appeal to the reader. For example, companies that sell health products could put a few leaflets in a doctors waiting room. A company offering business consulting with brochures highlighting your company left in coffee shops and café’s, surrounded by different office buildings are almost guaranteed to draw in business from the right crowd. Direct mail, sending out promotional postcards, these can be sent directly to the clients work address. Try a different colour envelope to really catch that persons eye and be sure yours is the first letter opened and remembered.

Print Readers Are Focused

If you’re browsing the web with six tabs open and the television on in the background, it’s hard to engage in other media and you may not be that receptive to all the advertising going on around you, and will most likely skim any ad’s you do see. But if you’re reading a newspaper or magazine, you are focused on just that. A Ball State University study showed that when magazines are used by consumers, they are the primary or exclusive medium 85% of the time. Basically, most of the time someone is reading a magazine, they’re not multitasking.


Being online is of course a great way to promote your business, but opportunity can knock at any time in the oddest places. You could be at a big networking conference with potential clients everywhere. Or a local coffee shop chatting to the owner in need of your industry services, or even a seasonal festival, fete or market that is perfect for spreading the word of your services, products. In these instances telling that person to check out your company website is just not effective and bringing a tablet or using your phone is just not convenient. When you are pressed for time or advertising your business, impress potential clients on the spot. Don’t forget every opportunity counts!

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