3 Easy Steps To Becoming A Green Business


There are many advantages of becoming a Green Business. From a potential customer and repeat clients point a view, not only does it look like you are proactive in reducing your carbon footprint, which is always appealing, it also looks like you and your business believe in the importance of changing and improving. It also shows that you are forward thinking and modern.

From a Brand and Marketing point a view it is always a great way to stand out from other competitors in a world that is increasingly sensitive towards environmental issues.

So how do you get started?


1) Lets talk money



Going green doesn’t cost as much as you think, changing the bin by the printer to a recycle bin for paper, plastic etc. is already a step forward in the right direction. Remember you don’t have to spend a large amount of money completely transforming your business. Doing little bits at a time will spread any cost and not be a noticeable hit to your financial resources.

There are many websites that personalise green products suited to your business from retail to construction! Tailored to your individual needs.

There are also ways to get financial help to get your business green.

Be aware of ineffective and pointless spending. Always check the background of any business selling any Green products, especially where large sums of money are involved. However in the long run you will be saving money on many aspects of your business. When your business is more environmentally efficient, you naturally save money. Save money on paper usage, water usage, electricity bills etc…


2) Ask questions!


There is no point getting any product that isn’t going to benefit your business or be efficient. If you don’t understand how a product works, or want to know how it is Eco-friendly, ask. If you can’t get a satisfactory answer don’t get ripped off. You should always know what it is you are buying and what the purpose of it is.

Educate yourself on green products, it’s not just for the workplace this can benefit your everyday life too.


3) Create a strategy


Begin by measuring how Eco-friendly your business is right now. This way you can focus on the area’s that need work instead of looking for an all over solution which would be a very time consuming and maybe expensive. Then make a plan and aim for where you want to be in future years.

There are calculators and specialists that measure these things for you if you do not have the time or know what to look for.


With the vast amounts of available help, becoming a green business doesn’t have to be a huge, challenging, costly way to improve your business. Little bits here and there make all the difference and keeps costs down, benefiting our planet and your business.

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