3 Essential Tips To Promote Your Stall This Christmas!


It’s that time of year again! Christmas parties, questionable jumpers, cold nights, festive decorations and of course Christmas shopping. Christmas markets can be a huge event in a city or a small gathering of stalls in the local town, either way if you have a stall you want to grab the attention of everyone who walks buy, turning them into paying customers. Unlike Summer stalls, visitors aren’t there to just browse, the majority of people attending Christmas stalls are there to buy.

If your advertising your products or services at a Christmas Market this year, here are 5 tips to make your stall really stand out and get you business.


1) Light it up, the spotlight is on you!

It’s impossible with these winter nights not to have lights on your stall. Lighting is key when selling. If your stall is only lit up at the front, with the same gold lights as the rows of stalls next to you, you will blend in. Attract customers to your stall with different colour lights, even better if you can find lights the same colour as your brand! You should also have lights on your key products, like a spotlight, your products are the main attraction, so make sure they are eye grabbing and show them off! Having a banner on the back wall or front of your stall, with lights highlighting your logo will increase your company brand being recognised.


2) Be Prepared

If you are selling products make sure you have enough stock, it’s always better to have to much than to run out. If you can’t bring your merchandise, bring examples then maybe with posters or portfolios, show the rest of your products.

Make sure you have information ready to hand out or for people to take. Leaflets, brochures, business cards are great for people with not much time. Read through what is in them, you will already know the information, but this way you will be prepared for any possible questions. Postcards, sign up sheets and entering a lucky draw are an excellent way to get details on the consumer. Getting an e-mail address means you can continue sales with e-marketing, but don’t ask for too much information or it becomes unappealing.

You also don’t want to clutter your stall. This can look messy, unorganised and not appealing. Highlight your key products and have your extra stock safely under the table or in your vehicle.


3) Go Get Them!

Before the Christmas market promote, promote, promote. Social media is a great marketing and advertising tool, and most of us have one form of it, if not a few social media sites! Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus is a great way to promote where your stall is going to be and what time, even give a taster of the items or services you will be selling! Try drum up as much interest as possible, mention any other on goings around the area and always remind customers what date and time that Christmas market is!

On the day of the Christmas market, go get your customers! Don’t wait for visitors to come to you, go get them! If you have a colleague helping, get them to walk around the Christmas market with free food samples, promotional gifts, leaflets and point them in the direction of your stall.




If you would like any more advice or to order print for you Christmas market stall, contact us here.

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