The 3 R’s to Become a Green Business


The 3 R’s are a great way to simplify the process behind becoming a Green Business. Following the 3 R’s is not as difficult or costly as you may think, so why not get started today.



This can be simply making sure to turn off all computers and lights at the end of the day, using both sides of paper when printing, putting wage slips online to reduce the use of paper, switching to energy efficient light bulbs.

The great thing about this first ‘R’ is that simply by doing this, you will save money. So it is a no brainer really; save money, achieve greater profit and help the environment along the way!




Fill up a reusable bottle at the office water dispenser instead of throwing away the once used plastic cup. Use a coffee mug for your tea or coffee, rather than throw away plastic cups.

Reusing envelopes for internal mail and scrap paper for notes are other great ways of reducing your carbon footprint and making your business that little bit greener.


reduce-reuse-recycle (1)

So many things can be recycled these days, especially things around the office. Paper, printer toner cartridges, stationery, old computers etc…

If you are in the hospitality sector, you should consider recycling (or reusing) food waste. It is estimated that £724 million could be saved a year in food waste alone.


This isn’t a one off change though, it is something you will have to stick with and develop, but the benefits for your business and of course for the environment will be well worth it.

Going green not only benefits the environment it also benefits you, saving money and getting people talking. To find out more about the different ways you can save money and get free business advise on a wide range of services such as use of low carbon technologies, access to grants and 0% loans visit Carbon Trust Wales on


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