3 Steps To Make Your Brochures Pay For Themselves




Brochures can be found everywhere. Shops, dentist waiting room, foyers of restaurants, hotels and even delivered directly to your door! But what makes your brochure different? How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you compete against competitors? With Christmas coming up it’s more important than ever to leave a lasting impression.

Here are 3 tips to attract business and get your brochure noticed.


1) Consistent Branding!

It is crucial to transfer your logo, colours, your business brand to any print you do. You have created and built a brand that is established, so why would you promote your business with something completely different? Exactly, you wouldn’t! Even this blog is consistent branding, see!



2) Make An Impression!

Do you want your business and brochures noticed? Of course! Approaching the market in a unique format is the only way to stand out and make a lasting impression on your clients. This doesn’t have to be huge changes. Rounded corners, waxy feel material, die cutting, slip covers, all these little things can make your brochure stand out. Have a brain storm of different ideas or ask your designer to think of unique ideas.



Example of Die Cutting

3) Use Images and Graphics Wisely!

I can’t stress this enough. A solicitor’s brochure is going to be more factual and informative, but that shouldn’t mean your client should be faced with walls of reading and loads of information without giving a visual bookmark.

But also don’t give a client a picture book. Graphic designers advertise work with visual pictures and examples of work done, but you must include information on what you do, and more importantly, what you can do for them.

Draw a layout and have a play around until you are happy with the brochure, having a good ratio of image and text.



As you can see these 3 tips are pretty straightforward.

It is so important to spend some time and create a really well designed brochure, providing quality from the design to the content, and one you can be confident and proud to give out.

It can be time consuming but getting a brochure done right gets you maximum return on your investment.


If you would like brochure printing, designed but don’t have the time, or would like help in designing, at Smile Design and Print we are experts in creating attractive, effective and high standard quality brochures, inside and out!

Contact us here.

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