3 Ways To Maximise The Impact Of Your Leaflets



A leaflet is a great way to promote your business to a wide audience quickly and effectively.
But what’s the point if you aren’t appealing to your target market?
Here are 3 simple, yet effective tips to ensure your investment makes maximum impact. 


1) Pictures Are Crucial!

How you design the cover is really important. Well designed leaflets are up to six times more effective than the average leaflet. Draw your audience in by putting your most appealing photo next to your best offer or most impressive testimo970b751c-f417-44d9-b7fd-0a55d6af8d16nial. Without an attractive front cover no one will open your leaflet no matter how great the content!


2) Keep it simple and to the point. 

  • You are not writing a novel.
  • People do not want to read a wall of text.
  • Most people scan read and only take in large text.
  • Meaning your important information is lost.
  • Use short bullet points and short sentences.
  • Break the page up with pictures to avoid paragraph after paragraph.
  • This avoids hard work and effort going straight in the bin.


3) Next Step? Getting that sale!            

This leaflet contains your services and it’s won over the reader who wants your product, but how do they get it?
A leaflet is useless if the customer can’t see what the next step is. Make sure you have an e-mail, contact number, shop address, anything that the customer will need to make that sale! Remember it isn’t the customers job to try and find you. Make your business as easy as possible to find and get in touch with, or you will lose business.


What business can benefit from a leaflet? Yours!
Hair dressers, restaurants, hotels, retail, builders, accountants, solicitors, business consultants and more! 
It is a way to give out your information, price lists, products, upcoming events, upcoming offers, just to name a few!


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