4 Simple Steps To Start A Business Blog For Your Website


The idea of writing a monthly, weekly (or horror) daily blog might seem daunting. What do you write about? Where should you post it? Will it be seen? How will it help your business? It may sound like a lot of hassle but once you have a system and understanding in place when writing a business blog, it’s not as time consuming as you may think, and soon enough you will start to realise and see the benefits of having a blog. With these 4 easy steps you will be a business blogging superstar in no time.

1) Planning is key!







First you need to make a plan of how many blogs you plan to do. Be realistic, unless you have a lot of time on your hands, a daily blog will be unmanageable, while a monthly blog forgettable. You should aim to write between 2 blogs a week to 1 a fortnight. Whatever you decide, stick to it! If you build a good audience who have come to expect a blog twice weekly and all of a sudden there is nothing for a couple of weeks the reader won’t think to check back.

2) Content


So now you have a plan of how many blogs you plan to write and post, what do you write about!? This is where it seems intimidating but take just 15 minutes to sit down, brainstorm and write a list of blog ideas and title’s you can do for the next 6 weeks, and writing some extra ideas in case when it comes to writing your blog it doesn’t work. This way you don’t have to worry about having to publish a blog that day and not being able to think of anything to write about!

3) Write for your readers


The main reason a blog seems hassle is because there is a misconception a blog is like an essay, pages of paragraphs, lots of reading. Wrong! Readers don’t want to read walls of writing, and will quickly stop reading and lose interest.

One blog can be factual about your business, the next can be a paragraph and few pictures of an event happening where your business is based. Another blog on work you have done recently and another of 10 bullet points of inspirational business quotes. A blog can even just be a Youtube video! But always keep a link to your business. For example if you are a car dealership 1 blog could be on a new range of cars your dealership will be selling, the other could be 10 of the best celebrity cars.

A blog can have as little or as much information as you want. Put yourself in the reader’s shoe’s and ask, would you lose interest? Is this useful reading? Is there enough information? Does the blog visually look good? Including pictures is a great way to break up lots of writing. It is very important to vary your blogs, constant selling will lose readers and your blog will be lost into the sea of internet.

4) Be prepared

To Be

Write a few blogs before publishing them so you have a back log, this will be less pressure and ensures you will always be on top of your blog posts. Writing 6 blogs and posting 2 a week gives you 3 weeks to write a couple more when you have free time with less pressure of a deadline. If you have a WordPress website there are options to schedule your blogs to ensure structure and that you are consistent when posting your business blogs, but don’t forget when they are scheduled for! You will want to promote your blog across different social media channels and other online or offline methods.

If you know that 1 blog a fortnight is manageable but 2 is pushing it then settle on 1 a fortnight, but whatever you do, don’t start a blog and then abandon it half way through! Search engines love fresh content on websites so having a continuous blog will drive traffic to your website and potential sales.

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