4 Tips To Stay On Track To Grow Your Business

Keep Your Business New Years Resolution!

It’s easy to fall back in to the same routine and patterns, but there was a reason you had new business resolutions! Keep growing your business by sticking to your plans with these 4 tips



1) Form A Habit

Force yourself to do it for 2 to 3 weeks and it will start to become a habit. This could be setting a plan for the week ahead, promoting on social media, presentations etc. Studies have shown it takes 20 to 30 consecutive days to get into a routine you will remember to follow. Set alarms on your phone, make a note in your calendar. Make certain parts of your businesses growth through habit and routine to follow your new business resolutions.

2) No Excuses!

January 1st we are ready, feeling motivated and determined to put those business new years resolutions in place. By the 2nd we realise the holiday is over and work now expected, helping us to slip back into old routine. Avoid this, we can not make excuses! Make a list of what your resolutions are and the benefits of why you chose these resolutions to begin with and put them somewhere you will be able to see on a regular basis. Even when you get busy or your schedule changes, prioritise, you have set goals and you will achieve them.

3) Break it down

1 or 2 big goals for your business year is great but easily forgotten and will definitely lose momentum. You want you and your team to always be motivated! Set smaller goals through out the year. For example in one month achieve 250 new followers on twitter while in 6 months your business will have x amount of new clients. In 1 month network and make 5 potential leads, in 12 months have made £ turnover. This will keep motivation strong to continue on with your resolutions and growing your business.

4) Let’s be real

I can’t stress this enough! Create a realistic plan that you can immediately implement and review this plan about every 3 months. Don’t be afraid to adjust it, this will make sure your are staying on track to grow your business. If you have unrealistic goals morale will be lost if they aren’t achieved, always aim high, but not so high it seems impossible, this will become daunting and add stress. Knowing you are reaching your goal before a deadline is very different feeling to nearing your deadline and not being close. We all know that horrible feeling. It is just as important to have the confidence and ability to quickly analyse data and know how to deviate from the plan if it isn’t working.


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