5 Fresh, New, Effective Marketing Ideas

Marketing March

Time for a spring clean with your marketing! Here are 5 simple, new marketing ideas for your company.


1) Give Your Stuff Away

Don’t leave this page just yet! Giving a sample or trial of your service is a great way to show the potential client why they need your product or service! This doesn’t have to cost a lot or be time consuming. See any costs spent on giving out samples or trials as an investment. Think of the return you will get and their business as a repeat buyer.


2) Attend Networking Events

Get your business cards ready! Networking events are perfect to promote your business. Talk about your company and hand out your business cards, making people at that networking event straight away think of you and find your card when needing your service or product. Make even more of an incentive by offering to refer their business (obviously being in a different business industry and not competitors) to your clients.

Business card printing

3) Be Helpful

Have a fortnightly blog with tips on your business industry, understanding/using your products, or just the business world. Not only does this make you look like an expert in your line of work, it will also give your business a more friendly, approachable image.. Also if someone is about to buy or use your service, be helpful by seeing if it’s the right product or service, you might also be able to up sell while appearing very considerate.

 How can I help you today-

4) Stay in Touch

This is the difference between a one of customer to a repeat client. A simple way to stay in touch is a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly e-mail. Depending on your business industry determines how often you should send an e-mail. If you sell products needed regularly, for example business stationery, then a weekly e-mail is. If you are an estate agents and have just sold a house to a client, they aren’t going to want a weekly e-mail advertising new houses, but a quarterly e-mail might be of more interest and much less likely to opt out of your mailing list.


5) Create a Cool Give Away

When thinking of something to give away, make sure it’s something they won’t want to throw away. Pens, keyring, stickers, mugs, rulers, coasters, calendars, anything useful. Another option could be when signing up to your e-mail list being entered into a free prize draw to receive a freebie or 10% off any first order.


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