5 Simple New Year Resolutions For Small Businesses 2018

Happy New Year!

We are now in 2018 and it’s your first week back at work. The no caffeine resolution is wearing thin just like your patience, the cafeteria is now a playground of temptation and finding a new spot for the nicotine patch is proving more difficult than expected, but even if you have had a few slip ups here are 5 new year resolutions for small businesses you can’t afford to break.

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1) Evaluate, reflect, move on & up!

What worked last year? What didn’t work last year? What were positive and negatives times? What was your highest selling point, what was the lowest? Being able to review and analyse your business will help your business go in the right direction. If something didn’t work so well, that’s ok as long as you can look back and see why it didn’t work, if there were mistakes what were they and how can you prevent and avoid this happening in the future? Don’t forget to highlight the positives! If something worked well why did it? Can this be done again? How can it be done again? Take the lessons learned from last year and take it into 2015 to help your company constantly improve and grow.


2) Ensure your website content is strong

Your company’s website is your digital store front, representing your business, so you should treat it with as much care as you would meeting clients and the presentation of your shop or office. You wouldn’t settle for errors on your shop sign, so why tolerate them in your website and content writing? Take an objective look at your existing website. Is all the information up to date? Is there visible, easy call to action options? Is your website easy to get around? Do you have relevant SEO keywords so search engines can find you? Think of your web content writing as your sales pitch to clients and customers, would you make a purchase from your website?


3) Essential social media marketing

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In this digital age it is crucial to be on social media sites. Get on as many sites as you can but only if you know they can be managed regularly. You should have your business on at least 2 social media sites that you frequently update and interact with potential clients. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram are photo based so great for showing off meals from the restaurant, hair styles at your hairdressers, the scenery and rooms of the hotel you manage, new cars at a car dealership, new houses on the market in an estate agents and so on. For legal services, accountants, Universities and more informational businesses Twitter and Facebook are a great way to get your business information out there. Imagery is still important, so if you are a solicitors for example, put up your logo, a picture of a new member of staff etc. Pictures stand out and are more likely to get interaction. Linkedin is also a great site for networking. You can have a business page on Linkedin but you do need to have a personal page. It’s like a business Facebook, great for networking.


4) Blogging

Google loves new, fresh information. Regularly updated websites drive more traffic to your website and gets your website a higher ranking in Google’s search engine. So what’s the easiest way to continually have fresh material on your website? Blogging. Try getting in some relevant SEO keywords to drive traffic to your website. Creating a blog doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming! Click here to see our blog on 4 simple steps to starting a business blog. Be sure to promote your blog across social media platforms.

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5) Promote & Advertise

As a business you know the importance of promoting and advertising, it’s essential for getting business! Promoting can seem like a daunting, big task but it doesn’t have to be. Sit down for 20 minutes and create a plan of action for the next 6 months.

Weekly, monthly, quarterly offers, new products, getting your services out there? Social media is an excellent, quick, easy, mostly free, way of promoting. E-mail campaigns, sending offers to new customers or sending information on new services to old customers. MailChimp is a popular and free way to create e-mail campaigns. Direct mail campaigns reaching your target market. Tangible print goes a long way, updated, high quality business cards give out a professional impression, impress with good quality glossy brochures to show off products or information on services offered. Vehicle graphics to turn heads and get noticed on the go and so much more can make the difference between a few glances at your company website to clients proactively searching for your business to use your services.

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For help, to discuss more about promoting and advertising your business or to order print click here to get in touch!

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