The 8 Big Benefits Of Flyers

Flyer printing done well will have a lasting impact and is a great piece of advertising, and when part of your businesses marketing strategy will get your business and message out there quick!


Whatever your message, whatever your business, flyer printing when done correctly will spread your message fast with minimal spend! To make sure you get a great return on investment here are 8 tips to make sure your business is known, and message received.


1) Know your audience 

  • This determines absolutely everything below. Does your flyer appeal to your target market? Is your flyer being sent or being seen by your target market?



  • If you’ve ever been handed flyers walking down the high street then you know the importance of a good headline. Catch the readers eye immediately with a catchy, attention-grabbing title that relates to your target market.


3) Why do they need your business?

  • You tell me! List those benefits to make the reader want and need your service/product because it will make their life better.


4) Use ‘you’ not ‘we’ 

  • This way the information is directly aimed for the reader and psychologically the reader is already imagining themselves with your product or using your service.


5) Keep it short, organised and to the point 

  • Don’t babble. Cramming information in to an A5 piece of paper will look messy. You have 3 seconds to make an impact. Don’t waste it!


6) Work together!

  • A flyer is an extension of your brand. Transfer your logo, colours, design, font to any print to reinforce your company image and make you recognisable.


7) The power of imagination 

  • It’s a well known fact people ”eat with their eyes first.” Add photo’s of your food and they are already half way to your restaurant or on the phone ordering a take away. Pictures of your products will also get the reader imagining using your product or service.


8) Get in the pro’s 

  • All of the above is irrelevant if your message is printed poorly on badly quality material. Of course, the quality of your flyer and how it’s printed is a key aspect.

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If you would like professionaly printed flyers or have any questions on flyers,

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