8 Easy & Quick Ways To Get Your Business Branding Out There!


1) First things first, what is your brand?

Your business logo is crucial. Without it there is no business branding, recognisability or business identity! It is the main thing representing your business so you want it to be appealing, attractive and memorable. If you need tips on designing a logo, click here to see our blog on designing a memorable logo. Remember, your logo will run through everything you do, so if you use certain colours for your logo, you should use the same on your website, letterheads, e-mails to reinforce your corporate branding. Although you can re-brand in the future try and stick to the same colours, fonts etc. for recognisability.


2) Use that brand identity!

What’s the point of having a branding identity if you don’t transfer it? Your logo should be on everything you do! Your website, social media pages (Facebook etc.), letterheads, brochures, business cards, vehicles, uniforms, I mean anything! To be memorable you need to be seen. Use your e-mail signature to advertise your logo, contact details, links to social media etc.

Your Brand Here


3) You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours

Working with other businesses can really give you a leg up on competition in this very competitive business world. Offer to have other businesses brochures or flyers in your shop if they do the same. Simple things can make all the difference, for example a chiropractor has a patient damaged in a car accident refer to injury claims solicitor, retail sports shop leaflets on a gym and the gym where to buy sports wear. Hotels, best place to eat in the area! You get the idea, and it should go without saying to avoid any business in the same industry.


4) Forget me not

Create reminders for customers and potential clients all year long. Set up a plan for the year ahead, this doesn’t have to be a big task, monthly or even quarterly reminders will be fine, which can be a newsletter, promotional give away, offers, handwritten delivered notes, gifts etc.

Also sending exclusive offers to people who sign up to your newsletter or existing customers is a great way to get repeat business. Your business will benefit from more sales when your give an incentive.


5) Sponsorships

Sponsoring a charity in your area is fairly inexpensive. This will promote your business and also add credibility, popularity and likeability! You can also feel good about helping the local community!


6) Stalls

Any Summer fair, Winter market, seasonal, business exhibition, whatever it is get a stall. If you are a solicitors, accountants, housing association etc, be sure to have leaflets of information to hand out as well as free merchandise like your logo on a keyring, contact details on a pencil, everyone loves and will take a freebie, even if they don’t need it! If your business is product based or in the food industry, bring your products to sell or food samples to try. Having a competition is a great way to get details of potential clients, getting your business remembered.



7) Strong branding

Everything you hand out, everything a possible buyer see’s is a reflection on your business and how you run it. Ensure there are no mistakes in your content on your website, check spelling on information printed on letterheads, double check e-mails being sent out, is your information up to date? Is there visible call to action options? It may sound obvious but these mistakes are surprisingly common.


8) Get all over the internet

If your not on any social media platforms you are missing out on potentially double the amount of sales! Word of mouth is a great way to get business but now word of mouth does go through the internet! If your business is recommended then that customer will want to check out your business and work, what better than social media.

In this digital age it is crucial to be on social media sites. Get on as many sites as you can but only if you know they can be managed regularly. You should have your business on at least 2 social media sites that you frequently update and interact with potential clients. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram are photo based so great for showing off meals from the restaurant, hair styles at your hairdressers, the scenery and rooms of the hotel you manage, new cars at a car dealership, new houses on the market in an estate agents and so on. For legal services, accountants, Universities and more informational businesses Twitter and Facebook are a great way to get your business information out there. Imagery is still important, so if you are a solicitors for example, put up your logo, a picture of a new member of staff etc. Pictures stand out and are more likely to get interaction. Linkedin is also a great site for networking. You can have a business page on Linkedin but you do need to have a personal page. It’s like a business Facebook, great for networking.

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Don’t forget to talk to your staff. Your colleagues could have some excellent marketing ideas, the benefit being they will know the company!


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