It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

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Well not quite.. But now is the time to get prepared designing and ordering your Christmas business print before it’s too late! 

Here are 4 of the best items to send this festive season, to existing customers or potential clients and why it will get you business.


1) Calendars

This is one of the best marketing tools!
You can send sweets, but what good are they in January when they have been eaten and the diets have started?
With a calendar your client has your business in front of their face every working day. And because it is a practical item it will be used. With the client constantly looking at your brand, your business will pop into their head whenever your business services or products are needed.



2) Personalised Christmas Card 

This shows existing/potential customers you are thinking of them, adding a personal touch, making your business more approachable and instantly creating a business relationship. This can be a standard card, postcard, compliment slip size, and more!
You can even add a photo of your staff for a really personal effect.

Quality Care, Personalised Christmas Card
Quality Care, Personalised Christmas Card


3) Christmas E-Cards!

This is great if you have clients abroad, that don’t have a mailing address or because your whole business runs online and that’s how you do business! An eCard is exactly the same as a postcard or greetings card, with the obvious difference being digital and online rather than on printed material.




4) All Print With a Christmas Twist

If you are in charge or own a restaurant or bar, advertise Christmas drinks, that you are doing Christmas dinner with all the trimmings with Christmas Menu’s.
Solicitors, show you are not the Scrooges of the business world! A Season’s Greetings leaflet, giving information on your opening hours over the holiday season and wishing everyone happy holidays!
In the beauty industry? A winter spa package advertised on flyers will get your message out there.
Retail, need I say more? Christmas brochures advertising your products for presents this year.

The Yacht Club Christmas Menu
The Yacht Club Christmas Menu

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