Promoting Your Business At Festivals & Fete’s This Summer




It’s that time of year again, Summer! British weather included, it’s a time of festivals and fêtes.

Having a stall is a great way to showcase and get your business noticed. It will generate interest in your company, get immediate business, future business and gets your business out there.



Here are some tips to turn those passer bys into customers.


1) Don’t Blend In

Be eye catching! You might be in the middle of rows and rows of red and white covered tents, so how do you stand out, be seen and not skipped? Here are some things you can do to be hard to miss!


Table Apron & Table Runners

Have your logo printed on it, website running along the bottom, pictures of products you sell, you can print anything on it! Just make sure it’s not too busy with lots of colours. The main focus is what products or information you have on the table, not the actual table..Exif_Jpeg

Go for neutral, white or pastel colours to compliment brightly coloured products. If you aren’t selling products but advertising your company or campaigns being in insurance, estate agents, solicitors or a charity for example, print your brand colours and logo’s on the table cloth. It will make you recognisable. Make sure all your products are easy to see and the table doesn’t look messy and cluttered.



Stand up flags, attached to the tent or bunting style, flags will catch the eyes of passer-bys. Put your logo on it and stick to the colours you’ve already used, which should be the same as your brand.


Banners & Backdrop

Your company name in bold big letters on your tent will instantly tell wanderers who you are and get them to your stall. You can have a banner on the front of your tent, along the front of your table or at the back of your tent as a backdrop, aStalllthough the customer would have to be looking at your stall to begin with to see the backdrop. 


Backdrops are a great way to use that big space at the back of your tent. Have your brand logo and details, products you sell, whatever you want on there! But keep it relevant to your business.





So now you have people at your stall how do you get these potential customers to customers?


2) Be Interactive

Getting potential customers to interact with your product is a great way to get business. If your business is in food, offer a free sample. If it’s fitness, a free go on a piece of exercise equipment. If you are a spa, offer a massage taster.

There are many ways for different businesses to interact with customers. Even if you haven’t got tangible products, for example if you are an estate agent, provide free promotional gifts with the companies logo and contact details. This can be pens, key-rings, stress balls, sweets, badges etc. Everyone loves a freebie, even if they don’t need it!

Own a bike company? Bike seat covers with your logo on it. Golf course? Free golfing tees. Computer company? Memory stick keyring.

There are loads of ways to personalise free promotional gifts. A lucky sweet dip will draw kids in with their parents/care givers (a few adults too) which then gives you time to give out information on your company.


3) Go Get ‘Em!

Don’t wait for visitors to come to you, go get them! If you have a colleague helping, get them to walk around the fete or festival with free food samples, promotional gifts, leaflets and point them in the direction of your stall.


4) Be Prepared

If you are selling products make sure you have enough stock, it’s always better to have to much than to run out. If you can’t bring your merchandises, bring examples then maybe with posters or portfolios, show the rest of your products.

Make sure you have information ready to hand out or for people to take. Leaflets, brochures, business cards are great for people with not much time. Read through what is in them, you will already know the information, but this way you will be prepared for any possible questions. Postcards, sign up sheets and entering a lucky draw are an excellent way to get details on the consumer. Getting an e-mail address means you can continue sales with e-marketing, but don’t ask for too much information or it becomes unappealing.


5) Always Be Present

The main reason being you are the face representing your company. You need to be there to give out information. Don’t be pushy, be as helpful and friendly as possible to potential customers. This is why it is important to present yourself well. Another reason unfortunately is stock loss. If you have your products at the front of a table and have turned around to talk to someone it’s easy in a busy environment for someone to take your merchandise.


Having a stall at a summer fete or festival is a great way to get immediate business and future business. It’s a chance to explain what your business is all about, what you offer, and why the customer wants it. It’s one of the best chances for sales and promotion, so get out that office and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


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